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The boldest fashion brand in Uganda

The reason you are here is because you are concerned as much about your own looks as about the origin of the fashion item. You want to stand out without compromising on your ethical values. You want to feel good and have be assured that others who spend their sweat & dedication into it feel the same. That is why we offer our designs at this online shop.





We mix, blend and merge styles from across the 4 wind directions. Our inspiration comes from frequent visits to the country`s largest market `Owino` (meaning born with a cord around the neck). While getting lost in the chaos and commotion of the people both buying and selling used clothing and cooling down later in the day in the most fancy upmarket boutiques we are able to obtain unique insights which allow us to redesign in all creativity.  

The African clothing and accessory lines we carry are not mass produced, but the African attires are individually made by our outstanding designers to preserve the uniqueness of these African outfits. Our fabrics originate from Congo, Uganda and West Africa. We use Chiffon, Cotton, Silk, Linen, Cashmere, Leather, African Kitenge and African wax print, Ankara fabric.